Umbrella Caddie

Umbrella Caddie

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The Umbrella Caddie

How many times have you fumbled with your umbrella during a round of golf when it rains? Either you place it on the ground before hitting a shot and it blows away; or you have a playing partner hold it. Both can be inconvenient.

Now you can end these frustrations with the Umbrella Caddie. Place the handle of the umbrella in the jaws and it will be held firmly in place while you play the next shot. The Umbrella Caddie conveniently works with most types of golf bags and sets up in seconds.

It comes with two inserts that adjust to any size umbrella handle. The rubber jaw grips will not mar the handle. It's time to end your frustration with holding an umbrella. It's time to have your own caddie...with the Umbrella Caddie! Benefits of Using the Umbrella Caddie:

  •  Keeps umbrella from blowing away while playing

  •  Protects clubs from the rain

  •  Sets-up and removes in seconds

  •  Grips adjust to any size umbrella handle

  •  Works with most types of bags