Stay Dri Rain Hood

Stay Dri Rain Hood

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Sooner or later everyone gets caught in the rain - even you! That’s why you need the Rain Hood - the most convenient and practical rain hood on the market. It’s unique design allows you to use one hand to flip up the cover while your other hand can quickly remove the club you require from your golf bag.

Set-up is simple quick and easy: Just attach the two clips to the sides of your golf bag then loop and secure the strap through your golf bag handle. The clip and strap system secures the Rain Hood to your bag so it cannot blow away in the wind. The retractable rod system keeps the hood away from your clubs making club selection a breeze. No more struggling with ineffective soft covers towels or hoods that make selecting your clubs such a hassle.

Rain Hood is a high tech sturdy lightweight water resistant cover. Extremely lightweight around 8.5 ounces the Rain Hood won’t weight you down and it takes up about as much space as a single club. Made of rip-stop nylon and employing a retractable rod system the Rain Hood is a “must-have” item for any golfer male or female beginner to pro.