Power Lag & Flat Left Wrist

Power Lag & Flat Left Wrist

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PowerLag + FlatWrist Pro Combo ??Builds body and arm connection for a powerful and consistent golf swing.

POWERLAG PRO - CREATES CLUB LAG FOR POWER: Trains your hands to maximize club lag for power and consistency. Provides immediate feedback when your wrist is fully cocked.

Common Misconception: a common misconception or a belief that other training aids focus on is promoting the idea that the leading hand creates the lag, which is completely wrong. One can only create proper lag by training your (back) right hand in case of right handed golfer to create a proper lag for maximum power.

We highly recommend that you ask your local PGA/LPGA instructor for proper advise.

PowerLagPro is the only training aid that is specifically designed to train your Right or Left hand depending if you are R/L handed golfer
Comes with a wrist strap
Can be used for both left and right handed golfer
Guaranteed to add 20-30 more yards to your driver

FLATWRISTPRO - PROMOTES FLAT WRIST THROUGH IMPACT: Guaranteed to improve your impact and add consistency Trains you hands to hit down and square the club face for powerful impact. Great for chipping and full shots.

Easily slides inside your golf glove
Comes with a removable wrist strap which can be used for added feedback
Comes with detachable WristFace Guide
WristFace Guide: give you visual feedback as to where your hands are before, during and past impact
Can be used for both left and right handed golfer
Guaranteed to shave 10 strokes around the green and improve your chipping 100 percent.