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PLANEPUTT teaches the correct PATH and FACE angle for your WHOLE PUTTER.

  • PLANEPUTT includes a laser that projects a right angled line which teaches you to keep the putterface square to the plane.

  • Practice with PLANEPUTT will instantly identify the errors in your stroke.

  • PLANEPUTT has a 3rd rail which allows for “pressure” testing your new stroke.

  • PLANEPUTT is fully adjustable for different lie angle putters including some Belly and Long Putters.

  • PLANEPUTT is suitable for RIGHT and LEFT Handed golfers.

  • PLANEPUTT can be is dismantled in seconds.

  • PLANEPUTT is portable for travel in your Golf Bag or Suitcase.

  • PLANEPUTT is Durable and Weather resistant.

With PLANEPUTT a practice stroke today will be exactly the same over, for many years time, that's repeatability! With PLANEPUTT you will understand the concept of Plane and how Path relates to Plane.
You will also understand how Face angle relates to Plane.