Golf Laser Swing Stick

Golf Laser Swing Stick

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The UNEX Laser Swing Stick is a totally portable, comprehensive swing trainer designed to develop correct impact, increase your swing speed, help you maintain your posture, and correct your swing plane, all at the same time. UNEX Laser Swing Stick allows you to create the proper impact by feeling it with your body, and hearing it too.

As golfers, our objective is to produce a, powerful, effective and efficient golf swing. If you’re having trouble getting decent length on the fairway, then you’re probably finding it difficult to hit greens in regulation, and getting very few pars.

We all know how important it is to swing on the correct plane, but many of us struggle with it, losing our ‘posture’ or our ‘levels’ and ending up topping the ball, or hitting slices and hooks. The Laser Swing Stick can help you improve in all of these areas. Strength and impact power + correct plane + good posture = A good Swing.

  • The Swing Stick emits a high output laser beam from each end, giving you a clear visual reference to your actual swing plane.

  • Making sure the two laser lines follow the same path through your swing automatically encourages you to make the proper shoulder turn.

  • By tracing the same path with each laser as you make your backswing, you will naturally keep your backswing long and low.

  • A built in impact weight means you’ll actually be able to feel when you have a solid moment of impact, and hear it too.

  • The Laser Speed Stick gives you instant, precise and accurate visual feedback, and developing or maintaining your swing this way will help keep you motivated to practice and improve for a long time to come.