Kakadu Golf Glove

Kakadu Golf Glove

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Kangaroo Leather Full Finger Golf Glove Kangaroo Leather Golf Gloves are available in a traditional full finger glove.
Characteristics of this Golf Glove are as follows:
* Left and right hand Golf Gloves available
* Our Golf Gloves are unisex
* All Weather Golf Glove
* Our Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove is softer than imaginable
* Our Golf Gloves are like wearing a second skin
* Still stronger than any other Golf Glove
* This Golf Glove has a Sensational grip when wet
* Gloves are washable in cold water
* Outlasts and outperforms any other Golf Glove today by a 5:1 ratio
* Available in XXS to XXL (view sizing information below)
* Available in Black or White as pictured

Gloves are available in XXS through to XXL in international sizing. All glove are unisex to fit both women and men. Our XXS glove is designed for a very small adult hand or alternatively a childs hand.
Use a ruler to measure the length between your wrist crease and your middle finger as shown in the diagram below. Then take that length and match it to your corresponding size on the sizing chart below.

Size Chart

XXS = smaller than 15 cm (6 inches)
XS = 15 cm (6 inches)
S = 17cm (6 3/4 inches)
M = 19 cm (7 1/2 inches)
L = 21 cm (8 1/4 inches)
XL = 23 cm (9 inches)
XXL = larger than 23 cm (9 inches)

*All sizing is approximate. Please take into consideration width of hand and finger lengths. Kangaroo Leather will stretch initially and then hold it's size.
Please ensure you have have ordered the correct dexterity - Left hand glove -for Right handers. - Right hand glove for Lefties.