Impact Bag - John Lyons Impact Bag

Impact Bag - John Lyons Impact Bag

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The Impact Bag is regarded by most top teaching professionals world wide, as the best teaching aid on the market. Impact is the moment of truth, correct use of the Impact Bag will encourage the club face to be square at Impact.

Regular use of the Impact Bag will assist:

  • The low handicap player who lets poor shots creep into their game through the leading wrist collapsing at Impact.

  • The high handicap golfer who tops alot of shots and hits too far behind the ball.

  • The inconsistent golfer who has shots to the left and right side of the fairway when the left wrist breaks down.

  • Those who struggle with their short game and need to be more aggressive at impact.

    The John Lyons Impact bag is manufactured with high quality, re enforced durable vinyl and all seams are double stitched. It carries a 12 month conditional warranty.