Hole In One Registry of Australia

The Hole in One Registry of Australia is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. The Registry is devoted to preserving history with each hole-in-one made, and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. There are no registration fees or dues associated with registering.

For those who have accomplished this great feat, you have the opportunity of purchasing a framed Hole In One Certificate, as a record of you your special day.

* Dear golfer when filling out your details; to maintain the integrity of the Registry, please do not use caps and follow the layout as per rest of the Registry.
Only submissions that follow the layout protocol will be uploaded to the Registry

Please insert only one Partner: Once your registration has been submitted, it will be reviewed by administrator for approval and wil be upload to registry.

Don't forget, you can purchase an attractive framed certificate of your wonderful achievement for posterity. 

Click here http://www.golfzone.com.au/hole-in-one-certificate.html

Thank You.

Golf Zone Hole in One Certificate

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