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The Swing Master

The Swing Master works on the principle of water flow through a high-tech designed chamber.The flow of water through the chamber during the swinging action facilitates the motion of the ultimate golf swing. When training with the Swing Master as the golfer swings into the backswing the water shifts in the chamber if the wrists are hinged properly and on plane.This action is referred to as the ‘loading of the swings energy’. On the downswing the water releases to the opposite end of the chamber giving the player the feel of the proper releasing and squaring of the clubface.

Features & Benefits

Train with the Swing Master just minutes a day and experience immediate and on-going improvement. Every player from beginner to pro will benefit from the natural flowing sensation of the Swing Master golf swing trainer. Here’s how to get started Your Swing Master was designed to be utilised in many different practice forms and exercises to help you develop your swing to its fullest potential. Whether you are doing the basic swing practice or weight training for strength and swing control you will build consistency and confidence in your game.

  • The Swing Master is a very versatile golf swing training aid with many different features.

  • It is weight adjustable which strengthens golf muscles while increasing flexibility.

  • Trains proper technique for eliminating your slice or hook by using the flow of water in a high-tech designed chamber.

Increases your club head speed for longer drives Creates muscular memory for the proper swing motion Improves your weight transfer and your transition from backswing to downswing

Helps you learn to retain the power angle

Provides instant feedback - water shifts when your wrists are hinged properly and on the correct swing plane Water releases on the downswing facilitating the proper squaring and releasing upon impact. Weight training: 2kg Optional training grips: available for right and left hand Portable: unsrew shaft and empty water weighs only 500 grams (empty) packs easily Suitable for indoors and outdoors just 510mm long Weight adjustable - 'Just Add Water' Pro - 1375 grams Men - 1200 grams Senior - 1025 grams Women - 900 grams Junior - 800 grams *Your Swing Master should only be used at 50-60% of your normal swing speed.

HOW TO HOLD YOUR SWING MASTER: The Swing Master Golf Swing Trainer should be held so that the bottom of the club kicks upwards at the bottom. The words SWING MASTER (printed on the side of the chamber) should face to your right with the weight measurements facing your left. This applies to both right and left-handed golfers. Fill with water to your own personal level and adjust to suit your comfort. We recommend that you begin with the lower weights until your golf muscles adapt to the practice exercises you are performing or the weight that best suits the specific drill being performed. Follow the sequence below to FEEL the benefits of the Swing Master.

swingmaster sequence

LOAD: The water should settle (momentarily) in the shaft-end of the club at the top of the swing (this acts as a tempo trainer by slowing down your back swing) loading the energy for the down swing. RETAIN Retain the angle of the club to keep the water in the shaft-end of the club until your wrists begin to unhinge. This will bring your club down on the ball and eliminate a casting swing which can throw you off your swing plane and lose valuable club head speed. RELEASE: Listen for and FEEL the release as it happens. Your wrists should release (be fully extended) at the point of impact (the ball) where the clubface will be fully squared. You should HEAR and FEEL the water rush to the end of the chamber as your wrists are released (unhinged). Regular practice will get you squaring the clubface every time giving you longer straighter shots. FOLLOW-THROUGH: The weight of the water will pull your swing (arms) through the impact area and assist you in transferring your weight through to complete your swing. Swinging the Swing Master before play is a great way to warm up. Stretching will increase your range of motion as well as greatly enhance your game. We suggest developing a daily routine that includes many stretching exercises. WHAT IF YOU DO NOT HEAR ANYTHING? If you do not hear anything this means the water is not transferring inside the chamber and is trapped in the chamber. This can occur for two reasons. If you take the club past parallel at the top of your back swing the water will transfer to the bottom end of the club rather than loading in the top shaft end of the club. To correct this make sure you keep the club more upright at the top of your...