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Perfect Release

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The Perfect Release is the Absolute Best Golf Swing Training Aid ever developed.  The Perfect Release is the only golf swing training aid that coaches and trains the entire golf swing from the address position, through the back swing, to a full relaxed finish, and everything in between. 
"The Perfect Release will show you what a True Synchronized golf swing FEELS like" 
Bruce Fleisher, 18 time Champions Tour winner, PGA Tour winner, US Senior Open Winner and US Amateur winner.

The pros make it look so easy.  

Where do they get that effortless golf club head speed?

It is no secret:  The answer is in the release; "The Perfect Release."  Now for the cost of a typical round of golf, you will quickly learn what is needed to become a better golfer, lower your scores, and "Feel What The Pros Feel."  

What is the Perfect Release?
The Perfect Release is an easy to use, highly effective golf swing training aid that produces amazing results after only a few moments of use.   It quickly relaxes the grip, sets and maintains a square club face on plane and induces the release of the golf club with a more powerful body turn; effectively synchronizing the speed of the hands and body.

Unlike most golf swing trainers, The Perfect Release takes more effort to manipulate the golf club
than correctly.  You will Feel and See immediately that your golf swing is on a perfect swing plane. 

Feel it to believe it and “Feel What the Pros Feel.” 

How does the Perfect Release Golf Swing Training Aid Work?

A powerful properly sequenced golf swing is a blend of many dynamic and synchronized motions.  Too much or too little tension inhibits this synchronization.  "Usable tension" provided by the Perfect Release's flexible cord replaces the "inhibiting tension" of the hands and arms to move the golf club perfectly square on plane throughout the entire golf swing.   This "usable tension" moves the club in a solid relationship to the lead arm throughout the golf swing effectively reducing manipulation by the hands.  There is no more need to search for the proper swing plane.   It is automatic.   

The Perfect Release works by using "Dynamic Technology". The underlying element of this technology is TENSION.   The tension supplied by the specially designed cord actually takes the weight of the golf club out of your hands, completely creating a relaxed grip. This leads to a more neutral grip.

A RELAXED GRIP is essential for releasing the golf club consistently and smoothly.   
A relaxed grip will allow:

  • More club head speed =

  • More Distance =

  • Better Shot making =

  • A Draw  =

  • A Perfect Release

As well as promoting a relaxed grip; the tension of the cord creates solid alignment of your hands, arms and club head.  If you have a breakdown in this alignment, you will feel it as well as see it immediately.

The Perfect Release teaches you to maintain a solid/aligned position throughout the golf swing.   Solid alignment of your hands, arms and golf club with a relaxed grip promotes increased club head speed and control, creating a Perfect Release of the golf club.

Keeping the cord slightly tense at the top of the back swing insures a solid and consistent angle between the arm and club shaft has been created.

The tension of the cord creates a synchronized body turn and arm swing,  for a properly timed, Perfect Release of the golf club.

Stop thinking so much and just swing.


  • Comfortable yet durable armband

  • Bright, highly visible elastic cord, which acts as a visual aid for identifying the proper swing plane.

  • Unique clip design for; quick and easy attachment to any club in your bag

  • quick and easy adjustment for your specific needs.

  • Lightweight and portable-Can be stored/carried in your golf bag

  • Can be used at home, the office, or at the range

  • Hit full shots

  • Great for chipping and pitching

  • You can hit balls with it

  • Subliminally teaches you the perfect golf swing


  • More distance

  • Better posture


  • Relaxed grip

  • More clubhead speed with less effort

  • Eliminate your slice

  • Develop a draw

  • More consistent ball striking

  • Synchronized and properly sequenced golf swing

  • A more fluid, dynamic golf swing

  • More Width at the top of your swing

  • Lower your score

  • Gain confidence

  • Have more Fun

  • Begin to win back some of that money you lost to your friends.