Golfzone Value Gift Pack

Golfzone Value Gift Pack

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In this great Golfzone Value Gift Pack we've assembled a collection of golfing essentials designed to suit anyone, and to be friendly on the old hip pocket!
A great birthday gift Idea or ideal as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time.

The pack contains:

  • A Top Quality Golf Towel, with a snap-lock caribeener style latch.

  • A Golfzone Coach's Corner Special Edition DVD. Featuring several lessons and tips from past GolfZone TV guest coachs.

  • A Ball line Marker with Pen, making it easy to mark your ball so you can easily identify it on the course, and locate it's equator for easy lining up of putts.

  •  A RES-T Club Rest, this little gem of a product is convenient to carry around and keeps your grips off the ground protecting them from moisture, etc during your round.

  •  An Embroidered GolfZone Ball Pouch, a great little pouch for keeping balls, tees,  or anything you like safe, secure and easy to locate..

Great Value at just $19.95.