Coach's Corner Collection DVD

Coach's Corner Collection DVD

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This DVD contains a whole hour of quality golf instruction covering many facets of the game and comprises 12 individual golf lessons as featured on the popular aussie golf show, Golfzone. The lessons are presented by several leading Australian & International golf professionals, such as Bruce Green, Craig Bishop, Bill Branthwaite, Jack Kuykendall & former Golfzone co-host Sam Letourneau. We sincerely hope that it helps to improve your game.

Lessons Featured on the DVD:

1. bulletproof your short game.

2. swing wreckers & how to fix them.

3. jim hardy’s one plane swing.

4. playing out of varied bunker textures.

5. developing the junior swing: body rotation.

6. tips for the senior golfer.

7. the slice: the cause & the cure.

8. the single axis golfswing.

9. how to create the high spin pitch shot.

10. correcting the slice.

11. the importance of a good follow through.

12. playing out of deep bunkers.