Christmas Gift Pack

Christmas Gift Pack

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Golfzone is proud to offer this sensational selection of Golf products presented in our Christmas Gift Pack!

The Pack Includes

  • An Impact Bag

  • A Golfzone Cap

  • A Coach's Corner Collection DVD

  • An Illustrated Rules Book Set

  • A Sleeve of 3 'Tour Grade' Golf Balls

  • A Golfzone Handy Pouch

  • A Putter Clip

  • A Pack of 12 Golf Tees

Don't miss out on your opportunity to secure one of these great value packs for the golfer in your life. If the Golfzone Christmas pack doesn't suit you needs, check out our other Golfzone Giftpacks, with prices starting from $37.50 onwards. Some items included in the pack may vary slightly from those pictured above.