Butch Harmon's Ultimate Golf

Butch Harmon's Ultimate Golf

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Butch Harmond has been a part of the game of golf since the day he was born. The son of the 1948 Masters Champion and legendary instructor Claude Harmon, Butch absorb the techniques of his father and created his own successful style. Through exclusive interviews, footage and photos Butch reveals the golf instruction, life-lessons and inspiration that helped mold him into one of golfs greatest instructors.

In this unique instruction series, Butch displays the same methods and distinct personality that have led professional golfers to Major Championship titles and amateurs to lower scores. Butch is the current coach to the worlds No 1 Golfer Tiger Woods and many other of the worlds leading players including Australia’s leading new talent Adam Scott.

Butch Harmon’s Ultimate Golf covers the 3 main areas: Short and Sweet: Secrets to the short game. Power Play: The best of both worlds- Distance and accuracy Course I.Q: Manage your game for lower scores. Rating: G Duration: 120mins