Bolle Kickback Golf Sunglasses: Shiny Black

Bolle Kickback Golf Sunglasses: Shiny Black

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B Clear Lens Material
Precision Optics
Ultra lightweight Lens Material
Remarkable Impact Resistance and Protection
Lens Treatments
Hydro/Oleophobic treatment outside
Anti-Fog treatment inside
Eclipse lenses are photochromic, lightening and darkening to adapt to the ever-changing environment you encounter on the course. Element lenses adapt to, and enhance your game whether your tee time is at dawn or dusk.
VLT 32% non-activated => 14% Activated
Brown tint enhances shades of green on the course and contours in the green
Silver flash mirror reflects glare, and is specially developed not to affect VLT so that the photochromic lens reacts to it?? fullest potential.