BirdieBall StrikePad Set

BirdieBall StrikePad Set

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StrikePad Set  

This is our most popular product.  A BirdieBall 12-ball Box PLUS the Strikepad! Birdieball the limited flight practice golf ball that you can hit anywhere.  It has a limited distance of about 40 metres but it feels and flies just like a real golf ball. It draws it fades but with a limited range so you have your own backyard driving range.  The heavy feel and accurate flight of BirdieBalls is truly amazing and they’re incredibly durable and even float. Best new product at  US PGA Merchandise Show as voted by the attending golf professionals!

StrikePad simulates taking a divot and rebounds in the blink of an eye.  It can be placed on any surface including bitumen concrete dirt or grass.  It protects lawns from damage and provides enough ‘cushion’ to allow you to practice off hard surfaces like concrete without any damage to your arms and hands.  It weighs a fraction of other practice mats (about 500grams) so you can take it anywhere!  A great combination and an incredible price compared to buying the items separately.