Ben Hogan The Man Behind the Mystique

Ben Hogan The Man Behind the Mystique

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This large coffee table book is beautifully illustrated with nearly 400 excellent black and white and color photos of Hogan that span his lifetime and career in golf.  Historical images and several large fold-out pages provide rare glimpses of Hogan and his classic golf swing. 

The glossy paper and special printing process provide high definition pictures of extreme clarity.  Featured articles include those from his loving wife Valerie with Dave Anderson and from several close friends and admirers including Dan Jenkins and sportswriter John Derr. 

Jim McLean provides analysis of Hogan’s pictured swing sequences.  The author Martin Davis gives historical accounts of Hogan’s accomplishments at golf’s majors and other intriguing stories.  Any Hogan fan or dedicated golfer will cherish this book. Publisher: The American Golfer Inc.