Ben Hogan - The Ben Hogan Collection

Ben Hogan - The Ben Hogan Collection

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The Ben Hogan Collection 3-DVD Set features:

Newly discovered film on 3 DVDs and an interactive CD Watch and learn from Hogan

Hit with power Improve your golf swing Lower your score Each DVD is loaded with extra features including a Ben Hogan Swing Gallery and career record highlights 3 Disc Set Includes:

The Swing Revealed 1 Features in-depth analysis of Ben Hogan's swing as revealed by Jim McLean. Jim uncovers Hogan's X and Y Factor. Plus "The Secret" is revisited. Here, you will be able to truly appreciate fundamentals demonstrated by Ben Hogan to improve your game.

The Swing Revealed 2 Features detailed synopsis of 12 newly discovered Hogan swings. You’ll see the phenomenal lag Hogan produced, how he flattened his hands at the top of the swing, and how he was able to generate so much speed through the Impact zone.

Truly one of the most magical swings in the history of golf. The Ben Hogan Legacy Features insights, anecdotes, and never before heard stories about Ben from his family and friends including interviews with Jack Nicklaus, Ken Venturi, Butch Harmon and more. . Learn From One Of The Game's Greatest Golfers!