Ben Hogan - In Pursuit of Perfection DVD

Ben Hogan - In Pursuit of Perfection DVD

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Here is a collector's item for every Ben Hogan enthusiast and a training film for any golfer intent on deciphering the swing of the greatest golfer of all time. In Pursuit of Perfection is a must for any golf library. In 1967 an Atlanta resident, Clem Darracott, read that this was to be Ben Hogan's last Masters in Augusta.

He was an ordinary man with an extraordinary hero... and an 8mm home movie camera. Clem arrived at Augusta on the second day of the practice rounds, hoping for a shot of Hogan. What happened next exceeded his expectations.

Ben Hogan was taking some practice swings when Clem stepped up and asked if he could roll the film. Hogan, the man who never allowed himself to see film of his performances, agreed and asked Clem to "step inside the ropes."

Hogan permitted this amateur to take footage on the practice range and follow him out on the course. Years later Darracott made this home movie into a video so that others who never had the opportunity of seeing Mr. Hogan in action could gain valuable instructions to improve their own swings. Mr. Hogan was asked to view the video and give his comments.

For the first time, he saw his swing and techniques analyzed on film. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hogan responded with excitement and eagerness to see this video developed. ben hogan in pursuit of perfection golf training dvd Now you, too, can get close to one of the classic swings of all time with this video duplication of that home movie. You'll see it like it was in all its charm and home spun style. No Hollywood slickness here - just Hogan through the eyes, and camera, of a true fan.