Swing Jacket

Swing Jacket

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Your Body Only Understands One Language ??FEEL
Want To Improve Your Game? Speak the Right Language

The golf swing is all about technique.

And as you know, technique doesn?? care how old, how strong, or how flexible you are. When you??e got a great swing you??l outplay just about anyone.

Until now it seemed that learning the right technique was reserved for a lucky few. They somehow managed to get the right FEEL, to get everything working together and they managed to repeat that swing consistently enough to lock it into muscle memory.
Lock A Powerful, Accurate Swing Into Muscle Memory Quickly & Easily

We??e created the only golf training aid that physically guides you through a perfect swing just like those of the best ball strikers.

Your body instantly understands what its supposed to do because the Swing Jacket lets you FEEL the right technique, shot after shot. Let the Swing Jacket do all the work, all the thinking, for you ??so you can just have fun!

Because the Swing Jacket makes each swing so consistent your body memorizes the swing in minutes.

You don?? need any special talents or skills, you don?? have to be a jock with rippling muscles and the flexibility of a gumby doll. And you don?? have to spend a lot of time at it. All you need is a desire to start playing the best golf of your life.